About Our Earrings

Our specially designed Pressure Earrings feature a self-adjusting clasp which exerts a comfortable, even pressure on both sides of the ear lobe. Place the earring on the lobe and gently squeeze to activate the pressure.

The Pressure Earrings have a gold or silver plating and stainless steel pressure plates.The plates are approximately 5/8″ in diameter (about dime size). The decorative part of the earrings (except for the P-3748 and the P-3749) are larger than the underlying pressure plates. Each style varies in size, so please see the Earring Gallery for individual sizes.

Several styles are available in two sizes, average and wide lobe, to accommodate the thickness of the ear lobes. The space between the pressure plates on an average lobe is 1/8″. The wide lobe earrings have 1/4″ space between the two pressure plates for naturally thicker ear lobes.

Silicone pads can be added to any style upon request at a $2.00 charge.